Choosing the paint color with age

How color choices to suit the owner's destiny, with the feng shui of the house with the desire to eat every day a waving, on balanced abundance, in the quiet warm outside, generally everything is the best is also part of the cause for no little boss, boss headaches when building or home repair.

According to feng shui, the year of birth of the owner will mix up with each supply certain clauses which each face the same student or conflict with the different colors. And also according to Feng Shui, the color if the "right" can help to ensure a smooth sailing while the back, we can see many obstacles later.

Before the table on the main issue is the choice of paint color for house   your family, would like to say a little more about the so-called "Five Elements" and "five elements and colors"

Five Elements

Five Elements are Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth exists in accordance with relevant laws and restraint and Five Elements-day rule completely in accordance with the laws of nature.

According to the illustration above you can see in the outer ring represents mutual relationship: Kim was born Shui, Aquarium Carpentry, Carpentry student Mars, Martian born Turks are Turks born Kim. Considering the natural relationships, you can see the rules on the right to phenomena such as: Kim (metal) Melting forming water (Shui), the water is indispensable for the existence and development plant (Jupiter), dry trees burn would produce fire (fire), fire burn other objects to create ash soil (Turkey) also re-created earth metal ores.

Besides, each belonging to a star diagonal relationship shown restraint in the five elements, such as: Kim Wood carving, wood carving Turkey again, ....

Five Elements and colors

The colors also shift as the five elements and also fully integrated with the natural laws, such as Jupiter to the green; Fire with red, pink, orange; Turks with brown, dark yellow; With bright yellow metal, silver, white; Cards with blue, black, purple.

House paint colors and feng shui

With the information above to make perhaps you can visualize and choose their house painted the color of his suit her then. For example, if you par Kim would with bright yellow, silver, white and engraved with Mars as red color, pink, orange, ...

You can use color lookup table following feng shui to choose for your house paint colors, color items such as stairs, walls colored cabin materials and appliances elevator door with age best and his destiny.

Also, when choosing a paint color, you should also refer to the choice of paint quickly towards home again, for example: choose blue east, the west, the white and milk, to the south, the red , pink, north you should choose gray, gray.

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